Friday, March 27, 2009

Warm and Natural Interiors Created by K2LD Architects, Laced With Wood

The beautiful and ambient apartment designed by K2LD Architects largely revolve around extensive use of natural wood.

Quite obviously, that gives the interiors a warm, cozy and comforting feel. The lighting options that have been chosen use an equally mellow yellow shade to bring out the very best from these stylish and minimalist interiors. Despite the indulgent use of wood, the apartment is styled in a sleek and uber-cool modern fashion with ergonomic furniture taking center stage. The feel is maintained throughout the home, but it seems strangely enough that just the kitchen is left in a less natural and blander fashion… Let’s hope they get down and give it a bit of a face lift, too.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Flat Design

Looks like a complete lesson in a blend of comfort and class.

The apartment of Swedish artist Maria Adlersson is a wonderful and snazzy example of how one can maximize space and accentuate looks in the most elegant of way. With white pristine walls laced with a stylish delight. It features an “ergonomic” kitchen that uses the limited space to perfection sporting glossy cabinets and a kitchen counter lined with wood, dining space that merges many different styles and a cozy work place station that slides effortlessly in a quiet little corner. The best part though, is the innovative bookshelf with holes of various sizes to hold every book.

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